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How to Style This Winter

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Remember creating collages and dream outfits on Polyvore (RIP)? If not, you sure missed out! I recently discovered an app called ShopLook that has brought the idea of Polyvore back to life. I have always said that if I couldn't be a (inhale) fashion magazine editor, model, or singer, (exhale) then I would want to be a stylist. Because of my recent discovery, I have been working on that "backup job" a lot lately. It's simply so fun! I thought it would be even more fun to share some of the looks I've created on ShopLook, specifically my winter outfits. Even though I can't afford nearly any of the pieces I put together, it doesn't mean that it's not my style. If I had the money to afford these clothes, I would wear them in a heartbeat! These looks are purely for my own inspiration - and perhaps now yours!

I titled this look "Sunny Street Style" on the ShopLook app. Lately I've been into monochromatic looks with one pop of color - preferably yellow or red. I love the cool It girl vibes this outfit gives, from the funky earrings, to the edgy belt.

"Trendy with an Edge" is the name of this outfit. I was inspired by what has become many beauty vloggers and fashion bloggers "go-to" outfit. Camo has made a comeback, perfectly pairing with our favorite Dr. Martens. I absolutely love this look!

Now this is what I call MY "go-to" outfit. A graphic crewneck, sleek black booties, and my favorite pair of jeans? Yes please! I called this look "Gucci-fied," which, yes, is very cheesy. (But I kinda love it. Haha!) This outfit can be work anywhere and preferably everywhere.

I introduce you to "Parisian Twist." I recognize the similarities between the last outfit and this outfit. I guess I have a key winter style? Here's yet another printed crewneck paired with black booties and an incredible pair of jeans. What I especially love about this outfit is the accessories. Fun glasses, chunky hoops, a beret for a little French twist, and a Prada fanny pack? What more could you need?

Yes, I can already imagine what you're thinking. Tyrah, are you insane?! Shorts in winter? Hear me out. Not all are as unlucky as those of us who live in the Midwest. Some live in warmer areas, like California, or far South. This outfit is for them. It says "I understand it's winter, but it's also 60 degrees." The killer Miu Miu puffer with the striking Gucci sneakers creative the perfect combination. This look just screams, "I'm super cool." And don't we all strive for our outfits to say that?

There are my five styled outfits for this winter, all made on the ShopLook app. I hope influenced you to try making intriguing, new outfits from what you already have in your closet! I love scrolling through Instagram and screenshotting looks to keep for outfit inspiration later on, along with creating my own on this fun app (as you clearly saw above). Let me know which one was your favorite 'fit and if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future!

xo, Tyrah

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