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Speak It Into Existence

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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You have the ability to bring what you want into your life. To manifest your goals and live out your biggest dreams. Really. The power of speaking out what you want into the universe is surprisingly powerful and successful (if you do it right). Now, I'm not saying you can exclaim "I want a million dollars!" and suddenly those six zeros will appear in your bank account. If you have a clear idea of your goals and you constantly remind yourself of them while working hard, you can do it. Yes. You can do it.

Toward the end of my freshman year of high school, I discovered the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). I completely fell in love with it and started telling everyone that that was where I would be going. I would major in Social Media and attend their Los Angeles campus. I said this out loud and to myself for the next two years until I actually had to apply to FIDM. While applying, I thought to myself, "Wait... what if I don't actually get accepted? After all of this time of being set on going here, what if I don't even get in?" I panicked, but then I decided to trust myself and my abilities. I reminded myself that I had been working hard for my dreams ever since freshman year. I had been working on my blog, practicing my photography and writing skills, reading all of my favorite magazines and blogs, and developing my own online presence. I had to believe in what I could do and what I had learned. With FIDM's 39% acceptance rate, I got a phone call on July 10th, 2018 saying I had been accepted to the college of my dreams.

Flash forward to my senior year, where I had to fill out the FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and really start saving my money. I became super stressed, staying awake late at night just wondering how I was going to pay for college. The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising's tuition for a Social Media major is around $34,000 per year, which isn't even including housing. It hit me that I might not get to attend FIDM after all. Then, I stumbled upon the FIDM National Scholarship Competition. Eight chosen majors had to complete certain projects to be eligible of winning a year's worth of tuition paid off. $34,000 taken care of. I knew I had to enter when I saw that Social Media was one of the chosen majors. I prayed and prayed each and every night - God, please allow me to have the determination and creativity to succeed in this scholarship contest and win. God, please help me to live out my dreams and have this weight lifted off of my shoulders. I put all of my love and skill into the project and just had to trust that I did everything I could for the scholarship. I had to believe in my abilities. A few weeks ago, my FIDM advisor called me and shared the news - I had won 1st place for the Social Media Manager of Tomorrow. I was getting a year of tuition paid off. $34,000 taken care of. After the call, I immediately ran out of my room and told my mom the news. We were screaming, jumping, and crying, with feelings of relief, gratitude, and joy. I actually did it.

These are just two examples in my life where I spoke out what I wanted or needed out to the universe and I got it in return. Some may call it fate, luck, or coincidence. I call it hard work, determination, and self-love. If you believe in something so strongly and won't back down, you can succeed at nearly anything. Life has a funny way of rewarding or harming us at surprising times. It's unpredictable. Of course, not everything is going to work out the way we want it to. Nonetheless, I stand firm in my belief of hard work + right mindset = success. Now, I'm only seventeen years old and haven't gotten to the "real world" yet, but for those searching for guidance or inspiration throughout high school or college, I think this post is a good reminder for us all. It's so easy to procrastinate and put things off or only put in half of our effort instead of everything we got. I believe in myself and I believe in YOU! Go conquer this crazy world.

x, Tyrah

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