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My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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It's probably easy to guess that Instagram is my favorite social media platform. (After all, I am going to be majoring in Social Media and Instagram is one of the biggest platforms out there.) I discovered Instagram when Taylor Swift first created her account. I have always loved taking pictures and editing them on whatever free program I could find online (PicMonkey, Pixlr... ring a bell?). This app made it look so easy! Once I got my tiny, now ancient iPod touch, I immediately got the app and started getting creative and expressing myself.

I have followed and unfollowed many, many accounts over the years. There are some people that I've been following since the near beginning of my Instagram discovery. I thought it would be entertaining to share my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts (in no particular order). Maybe you're already following them, maybe they'll be your new favorite - who knows! Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

1. AnneLaure Mais Moreau - @adenorah

Not only does this fashion French girl have an aesthetically pleasing feed, she is also the Creative Director of the successfully growing clothing brand Musier Paris. With over 500k followers, AnneLaure inspires It Girls on channeling their inner Parisian. I have been following her for the past year or so, after finding her on the Discover page, and I have definitely taken inspiration from her incredible outfits.

2. Jeannette Odgen - @shutthekaleup

I've been following Jeannette before she had her first son (who's now around 3 years old) and now she's pregnant with her second! I was drawn to her page because of her bright, colorful photos and funny, uplifting persona. Her food photos always look AH-MAZING and I love how simply real she is. I have been so inspired by her health and fitness lifestyle and I'm so glad I found her page years ago!

3. Tara Whiteman - @taramilktea

Do I even need to explain why Tara's account made it to this list? LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! Her feed is impeccable and so is her personality! I love everything she showcases on her Instagram and I'm so happy to have found her page. I've been following her for around 2-3 years now and it's been so fun to see her feed evolve over the years (fun fact: they've always been completely breathtaking like these). Something she has been doing lately is matching her feed to a color, so there'll be a big section with yellow accents, another section with pink, another with blue, purple... Scrolling through her feed is so mesmerizing!

4. Ellen Fisher - @ellenfisher

This mama is living out my biggest dreams - raising a vegan family in the magical Hawaii. (Except I don't want kids, so I guess my dream is just being a free spirited vegan living in Hawaii, haha!) I've been following Ellen since her first child was little (and now she has three children!). I love her morals, beliefs, and of course, her content. She opened my eyes to veganism and living as healthy as possible. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and her stories are inspiring! If you want a constant smile on your face, scroll through her account sometime.

5. College Fashionista - @cfashionista

College Fashionista is a super fun account for teenagers and college students to follow. With constant outfit inspiration, uplifting quotes, and fun photos all around, you'll always be refreshing your page to see if they're featuring someone new. Also, if you are a college student, you should apply to become a community member! Then, if you tag @cfashionista in your posts, you have the chance of being reposted onto their page. I've found a lot of new accounts to follow because of College Fashionista!

6. Cat Aucker - @cataucker

I absolutely love the way Cat edits her photos. She is such a positive ray of light to see when scrolling through my Instagram timeline. Her captions always read inspirational messages and uplifting quotes or fun and simple one liners and descriptions. I love that she's firm in her faith and isn't afraid to share it online. I found her page after she led my FIDM tour last September. She was the absolute sweetest and is such an inspiration to me!

7. Amanda Sinishtaj - @amandasinishtaj

I've been following Amanda for a while now, after discovering her Taylor Swift Tumblr page and seeing that she met Miss Swift at one of her 1989 Secret Sessions. Since then, I've been influenced by Amanda's style, positivity, and of course, her Instagram photos. Her feed is so aesthetically pleasing and simple! She is one of the coolest girls I've discovered online - she's an avid thrifter, a talented journalist, and she uses her voice to promote kindness, healthy living, and ways of bettering yourself. She's a fellow MidWest girl and I low-key wish I could be one of her friends. Seriously, she's so cool.

8. Negin Mirsalehi - @negin_mirsalehi

I discovered Negin's Instagram through her growing hair brand, Gisou. I instantly fell in love with the brand and its aesthetic, so when I stumbled upon the founder, Negin, I knew I would enjoy her content as well. I actually used Gisou as a part of my Entrance Project to apply for FIDM! We had to represent a brand and write a blog article about it and various social media posts as well. It was so much fun and I'm glad I used Negin's brand to do it. Negin travels constantly and is super fashionable, so her photos are always beautiful and perfectly edited. Not to mention, she has the cutest golden doodle named Mosey and her and her boyfriend Maurits are absolutely adorable.

9. Alexa Fajardo - @lushalexa

I had originally found Alexa on Twitter through her Harry Styles fan account and loved her style, which lead me to stumbling upon her Instagram. I love how simple and refreshing her feed is (do you see that glowing skin?!) and it was so fun to see all of her posts when she attended a ton of Harry Styles's concerts this past year. Living in LA, she is super into fitness and posts photos in cute workout clothes that instantly make me want to get up and move my body! (Can you tell I'm a sucker for health and fitness accounts?)

10. Market Coffee Shop - @marketgla

Last but certainly not least is this charming and completely stunning coffeeshop in Glasgow. I know, sounds random, but LOOK AT THE INTERIOR! LOOK AT THAT LATTE ART! Being a barista, I follow lots of trendy, chic coffeeshops that I discover on Instagram. I found this one because I follow the owner, Kate Spiers (@kate.lavie on Instagram). If I were to ever open my own cafe, this is how I'd want it to look. I love every little detail about it! It's simply the cutest.

And that wraps up my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts! Share who your favorites are by DMing me on Instagram - I'd love to explore some new accounts! Also let me know if any of these accounts caught your eye. I'd love to chat with you all about those who inspire us online daily! Until next time...

x, Tyrah

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