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The Coffee Klatsch: My Favorites

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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If you don't know me in my day to day life, you probably wouldn't know that I'm a barista. Since the summer I turned fifteen, I've been working at the local coffeehouse on my town's Main Street. Before I began working there, I obviously enjoyed coffee, but not in its truest form. I liked the sweet, specialty drinks that didn't really taste like coffee (an iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel, anyone? ...Yes, that was my regular coffee order.). When I started training at my current job, one of the seasoned workers told me, "I know you love your go-to order, but you need to try something new. How will you be able to help customers if you've only had one drink from here?" He was absolutely right. I needed to branch out and educate myself in the world of coffee. Since then, I've tried every drink on our menu and have even created my own recipes. I've learned about coffee culture and actually paid attention on our trip to Costa Rica when we took a tour at a coffee farm. Though I haven't quite perfected latte art, I would say I relatively know what's considered good coffee and what's not.

I thought it would be entertaining to create a little series called "The Coffee Klatsch," where I would discuss my coffee adventures. What's "klatsch," you may ask? I discovered this word through my 100% German mom. The modern spelling, klatch, means "a social gathering, especially for coffee and conversation." The "klatsch" spelling was a German word popular in the 1950s for "gossip." I though the alliteration was fun and the meaning matches as well! For my first Coffee Klatsch, I wanted to share five of my favorite local coffee shops. For privacy reasons, I'm not going to share the coffeehouse I work at and I'm going to discuss coffee shops I love that are a bit farther away. I hope you all understand!

1. The Steaming Cup

I've only been to this historical, charming coffee shop once, but the experience left me with a lasting impression and a good taste in my mouth (literally). There was an exhilarating buzz when I stepped inside, social gatherings happening all around me with cozy, acoustic music playing in the background. When I saw they had oat milk as a dairy alternative on their menu, I knew I was in the right place. I decided to order an iced honey latte with oat milk. When another barista kindly brought it out to me, I couldn't wait to take my first sip. It. Was. Incredible. One of the best iced lattes I've ever had, by far. My two other friends that were with me loved their drinks as well and, by the looks of the constant flow of other customers, they were all happy with their orders, too.

2. Spyhouse Coffee

One of my favorite spots in the Twin Cities. I discovered Spyhouse through Instagram and immediately fell in love with the way they branded themselves and their overall content. I knew I had to take a visit to one of their locations the next time I was in the Twin Cities. I am so glad I did! Their Caramella latte is to die for. It's amazing with oat milk, hot or iced. All of their six locations are aesthetically pleasing for anyone's Instagram - there's no doubt you'll get the perfect shot somewhere. I may be a little biased with the Caramella, since it's the only coffee I've had from Spyhouse, but trust me - whatever you may try will be excellent.

3. Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

Not only does this other Twin Cities gem have undeniably incredible coffee, they also have ah-mazing waffles. (They can all be made gluten free, too!) Try the Fat Andrew waffle (I mean, who doesn't love peanut butter and bananas?) with an iced miel (a latte with honey and cinnamon). Sounds like the perfect combination to me! They have two Twin Cities locations and one brand new location in Fargo, North Dakota. Make sure you plan ahead and get there at a smart time, because they're usually packed!

4. Daily Jam

Located in Tempe, Arizona, this adorable breakfast spot has the most amazing iced vanilla lattes (I got mine with almond milk). I was so obsessed with this place that I begged my family to go here a second time during our four day spring break trip! We tried to go to different coffee shops and restaurants throughout our vacay, but we loved Daily Jam so much that we decided to make an exception. With spectacular outdoor seating, an easy ordering process, and incredible food and drinks, what's not to love?

5. North Coast Coffee

If you ever find yourself at the very top of Wisconsin, be sure to stop into this quaint, little coffeehouse in Washburn. North Coast has friendly baristas, a charming environment, and delicious coffee. It seems that my favorite drinks tend to be iced lattes, which is pretty basic, but having a set favorite makes it easier to discover the best and the worst of your kind. North Coast's iced vanilla lattes with coconut milk hit the spot on a hot summer day after spending it at Lake Superior. They also have delicious mocha coffee coolers (otherwise known as frappes)! The place is decorated with local art and retail items. It's clear to see that they love their town and that the town loves them!

That wraps up the first Coffee Klatsch! Have you ever been to one of these five spots? If not, what's your favorite spot? DM me on Instagram and let's chat about it! I hope this post intrigued you in learning a little more about coffee and to pay attention to the coffee you like and don't like. Drinking coffee is a big part of a lot of our daily routines, so it may be fun for you to learn more about it! I'm already brainstorming what my next Coffee Klatsch will be about, so stay tuned!

x, Tyrah

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