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The Best of Beauty - Summer 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Summertime means days filled with endless sunshine and visits to the beach, days spent doing fun outdoor activities with friends and family. Often times, I prefer to just throw on some sunscreen and mascara and leave it at that. I like to keep my summer beauty routine simple. Even so, I discovered some great products that have elevated my beauty routine this season. I know, I know, summer is practically over, but I will definitely be keeping these products incorporated in my everyday life. So, why not share them with you all?

1. Glossier Lash Slick:

I usually stuck to Maybelline mascaras or the latest mascaras at Sephora, but I always heard amazing reviews about Glossier's Lash Slick. I knew I had to try it out, being a girl who would only bring mascara when asked which beauty product I'd need if I were on a deserted island. Let me just say, the hype IS REAL. This mascara brings out lashes I never knew existed and makes them look crazy long. It's probably time for me to get a new one, but nonetheless, my current one has never been clumpy or gotten crusty. Glossier - keep doing what you're doing. You're killing it.

2. Glossier Holographic Lip Gloss:

Here I am again, praising another product from Glossier. I got the holographic lip gloss as part of a birthday gift from a friend, and I need to hold myself back from using it 24/7! It is hydrating and makes your lips look amazingly plump and shiny.

3. Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunscreen:

In the past, I would just use any regular sunscreen on my face. I would often feel like my pores were super clogged afterward, so I knew I had to find a solution. This sunscreen is meant for your face and goes perfectly under your makeup. I've been trying to implement sunscreen into my beauty routine more (because it's SO IMPORTANT!), so this product definitely helps motivate me to be better about it.

4. Aloe and Rose Water Facial Spray:

I've always loved face mists and sprays, but this one is the most refreshing one that I've come across. After a long day in the sun, the feeling of aloe and rose water spritzing across my face was so incredible. I just bought this facial spray at Marshall's, but I'm sure you can find similar ones anywhere!

5. Ofra Highlight Palette:

One of my best friends gifted this to me for my birthday last year and, I swear I'm not exaggerating, this palette makes you glow like NO OTHER. Sooo shimmery, sooo beautiful, sooo effortless. I cannot talk highly about this product enough. It's incredible and I use it everyday, but something about golden hour in the summer while wearing this highlight is otherworldly. I'm in love!

6. Aquaphor Lip Repair:

Yes, I am talking about two lip products in one post. Whoops, haha! I used to be addicted to my Hempz lip balm, but then when I ran out, I thought I would try something new. While I still do love Hempz's, Aquaphor is great and instantly repairs my chapped lips. Plus, you can buy it anywhere and it's super inexpensive. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Are there any beauty products you depend on in the hot summer season? I know I always have to adjust my routine when the time comes around. If you have any summer beauty product suggestions, be sure to reach out to me @tyrahdae on Instagram or Twitter!

x, Tyrah

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