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Fashion Trends I Want In My Closet Right Now

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Being someone who loves fashion, I follow many, many, many fashion bloggers and editors on Instagram. Take a scroll through my timeline and you would be overwhelmed with inspiration and insight on the latest trends. Throughout this season, I have accumulated a list of pieces I wish I could be wearing this very second. Keep reading to find out my current coveted trends and links to items I may end up caving in on and purchasing.

Blazers, Blazers, Blazers: Fall fashion always inspires me to look super polished. Blazers have been seen everywhere lately and I am absolutely loving it. I have been obsessed with my new purchase of a vintage blazer - I have to stop myself from incorporating it in my outfits every day! I have been eyeing this black faux leather blazer from ASOS and this houndstooth one from Zara.

The Girliest Dresses: If you have not heard of LoveShackFancy or TVF for DVF, please look them up (after reading this post, of course!). Both are the epitome of pretty, girly dresses. Picture yourself wearing these while running through a field of flowers or bicycling through the south of France. (Or just lounging around your house, because that is probably what I would do.) Take a look at my three favorite LoveShackFancy dresses (here, here, and here!) and my two favorite TVF for DVF dresses (here and here!).

Knee High Boots: They are not thigh highs - they are knee highs and they are fabulous. I seriously need a pair in my closet. They make the simplest outfit look effortlessly cool. It girls such as Devon Lee Carlson and Kendall Jenner have been spotted in their own designer pairs, compelling fashion lovers from all over to get their own versions. The ones I have saved on Instagram are from Musier Paris and are currently sold out, just proving my point on their trendiness. Check them out (and patiently await their return) here!

All The Turtlenecks: Surprisingly enough, I used to get teased for wearing turtlenecks by my peers. Now, they are seen everywhere! I have always loved how classic they are. If I am trying to emulate my inner French girl, a turtleneck is the perfect top to style. I found some that have unexpected, flattering details (that I am also trying to hold myself back on purchasing right now). Browse my three favorite pieces here, here, and here.

Not So Basic Bucket Hats: Many may think bucket hats are basic, but when styled right, I think they can be such a fun addition to an outfit. I tend to lean toward the white or cream colored hats, but I think black would be very cool as well. I found my perfect bucket hat from Topshop, along with a simple yet unique one from Urban Outfitters. Let me know, do you prefer patterned or plain bucket hats?

The Perfect Accessories: If you are a consistent reader of my blog posts, you would know that I am a sucker for dainty, gold jewelry. Accessorizing is often times my favorite part about building an outfit! I love switching it up by layering necklaces or having one statement piece. Online, I follow Mejuri, Frasier Sterling, and Adina's Jewels. Their jewelry has been worn by celebs like Bella Hadid, Madison Beer, Lili Reinhart, to name a few. I adore Frasier Sterling's girly pieces like their Butterfly Huggies and Lovers Hoops, whereas Adina's Jewels carry the most coveted rings (see my two favorites here and here), and Mejuri showcases the beauty of simple jewelry (I dream about this piece!).

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my current fashion wishlist! What trend have you been eyeing this season? What bloggers inspire you? Share them with me - I love finding new brands and people to be excited and influenced by! I have always felt that I have many inner aesthetics - I love the classic, cozy East Coast vibe, I love the dreamy princess feel, I love the French girl style... the list goes on and on. I do not think there could be a shortage of inspiration in my book. Please do not hesitate to reach out and tell me who or what moves you! Until next time...

x, Tyrah

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