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How to Balance College Chaos

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Though I am only in my first quarter of college, I have started settling into a routine that has helped me stay focused and on task while still having time to do the things I enjoy. I have four classes spread over the course of three days, along with one online class. Wednesdays and Fridays are my free days, so I use those to my absolute advantage, allowing myself to get caught up with cleaning, homework, and other duties! Read more to learn how I multitask and balance a full, college life.

1. Work on Your Least Favorite Thing First

We all have something, whether it be a class or chore, that we dread doing. I always aim to knock out whatever that may be first. This way, I will not have to keep going back to it throughout my week or procrastinate it more than I should. If you keep pushing off the hated task, you are going to get more and more frustrated with it. Conquering it right off the bat will leave you feeling more accomplished and relieved that you do not have to deal with it anymore!

2. Dedicate a Day

As mentioned earlier, I do not have classes on Wednesdays or Fridays. I dedicate these days to recharging, going to the gym right away in the morning, doing laundry, and working through most of my homework. Fully utilizing my free days allows me to stay caught up on all aspects of my life, while still being able to make time to go out for lunch, meet up with some friends, and do some self-care practices.

3. Connect With Those Back Home

If you are at college and far from home, chances are, you miss the friends and family you left behind. Take time to call your loved ones and catch up. Doing this reminds me of how loved and supported I am, urging me to keep pushing on and working hard. College is the time to create new relationships, start new, and find yourself, but that does not mean you need to leave behind the #1s in your life. It is the best feeling when I can FaceTime a friend and get a sneak peek into their life or text my family group chat and send funny GIFs back and forth. I am definitely a family-oriented person, so being able to communicate with them regularly keeps me sane.

4. Utilize Your Planner

Whether you have an actual planner or simply the Calendar app on your phone - use it, use it, use it! Trying to balance and remember so many things at once can be difficult. It is best to write (or type) down your upcoming tasks and events so there is fewer chances of forgetting them. I am the type of person who needs to write things down in order to memorize them, so doing this has saved me from missing things a lot. You do not need to go out and get a fancy, expensive planner, either! Find out what works best for you and use it to the best of your abilities.

5. Keep Yourself Motivated

I have been in a constant state of doubt and questioning ever since I have started college. Is this what I truly want to pursue? Am I wasting my time? What do I want? I am in the works of another blog post that discusses the one thing that has been able to constantly uplift and motivate me. Find what motivates you to work harder, stay focused, and be your best self. We are all going to go through rough patches - that is what life is. What is important is doing your best to reflect and remind yourself of everything you have to be grateful for. I have been practicing this a lot lately. Though my problems do not magically disappear from doing this, it helps dim the light on those problems and shines on the great things I do have. Some ways to motivate yourself is through working out, meditating, journaling, or talking to a loved one. I always feel best after physically writing out what has built up in my mind or having a deep conversation with my mom. Sometimes just letting it out is the best way to move forward and heal. If you have certain strategies that motivate you, do not be hesitant to share them with me - this girl will take all the motivation she can get!

These five points have helped me start to navigate this hectic college life. I am so grateful for those back home who are constantly loving and supporting me from miles and miles away. Without them, juggling all of these new routines and responsibilities would feel heavier than they already do. Be sure to find your people and surround yourself with those who encourage you to be your best self, while allowing you to fall back on them once in a while. Strength is not always doing everything on your own - strength is being able to ask for help and be vulnerable, too. I hope this article has inspired you to become a little more organized and feel a little bit better about this crazy life journey. I am always open to talking if you ever need someone to reach out to. Do not hesitate to slide into those DMs to have a heart to heart!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my site and read what I have to say!

x, Tyrah

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