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A Love Letter to Myself

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Dear Tyrah,

It's one of those days where the only thing to cheer me up is the sunshine pouring through my window, the smell and feel of fresh blankets atop my bed, and a pen and paper in my hand. Soft melodies of a piano play in my ears as I jot down sudden bursts of inspiration for a song or explanations of my sadness into a poem.

You've been through a lot over the past handful of months. But, you know that. You let your tears stain your cheeks at night, each droplet wetting the pillow beneath your head more and more as the sorrow works itself out. Those who you haven't confided in don't notice a thing, you're still the ray of sunshine Tyrah that everybody knows. You're doing so well, trying your best, and I'm proud of you.

Take some time to write about beautiful things. Take some time to connect with the ones you love. Step away from the stresses of homework and responsibilities and breathe. Sit on the floor and stretch. Go to the gym and workout. Buy yourself coffee or flowers. Do things for yourself that you know will lift your spirits. Be sure to leave the comfort of your apartment and take a walk around the city you're slowly becoming familiar with.

It's all about patience. You need patience to love. You need patience to grow. You need patience to learn. You have been given so many incredible opportunities that people would only dream of having. You have the chance to enrichen your life in the way you want to. You have control over your future if you keep yourself in the right state of mind. You have had it pretty easy in your short 18 years of life, accept the troubles and heartache that come your way with grace and acceptance.

You know that I believe in you. Your family believes in you. Your friends believe in you. You have so much love in your life. Don't forget about all of the incredible blessings you have surrounding you. You are constantly being rooted for. Recollect your strength and persistence and continue to thrive.

x, Tyrah

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