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A Trip to France From Afar

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all deserve a European escape.

*Written and published for my Writing For New Media class.*

Like so many of us with previously planned vacays, I had a trip to Paris set up for this fall (booked since December of 2019). Paris has always been the place I have longed to go, as I recall decorating my room with Eiffel Towers as a kid to learning French in high school. Unfortunately, my first trip to Paris no longer looks to be within my reach. However, why should I cancel the journey of discovering little cafés, looking at art in The Louvre, and windowshopping down Parisian streets? Below is a look into my ideal Paris trip itinerary, with everything from restaurants and dream Airbnbs to the perfect outfit ideas and Instagram photo ops.

Parisian Outfit Inspiration

Before you pack your suitcase, you must plan your outfits! Scroll to discover dreamy, French It girl inspired looks.

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Must-Try Cafés and Restaurants

Au Vieux Paris D’Arcole: Step into this French fairytale, a place that is seen on every “Best Parisian Restaurant” list.

Café de Flore: One of the oldest coffee shops in Paris, Café de Flore is a celebrity favorite with classic French dishes and exceptional coffee always at the ready.

L’Avant-Poste: This chic farm-to-table hotspot is bound to make your mouth water with their dishes made from fresh, seasonal produce.

The Perfect Photo Ops

I could list them all out for you, or you could just read this article from CNTraveller.com. It appears to be that they know best!

Airbnbs With a View

Airbnb Pick #1: This is the coziest apartment I have ever laid my eyes on. Everything from its charming interior to its picture-perfect exterior draws me into this affordable Airbnb.

Airbnb Pick #2: The character in this suite is exquisite (take a look at the views!). Though this is the most expensive pick, it still costs you less than $150/night.

Airbnb Pick #3: I have fallen in love with this simplistic Airbnb (or as they call it, their “Parisian Pad”). Close to the Canal St. Martin, this apartment will allow you to live out your dreams of being a true Parisian.

For now, I will be admiring these classic Parisian destinations through my computer screen. Au revoir!


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Cover image of Eiffel Tower found on Pinterest.

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