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Eco-Friendly Accounts to Follow Online

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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It’s easy to compare ourselves to the perfectly portrayed people we see on our Instagram and Twitter feeds every day. Ridding ourselves of these potentially toxic accounts can actually help our mental health and overall wellbeing. Once you’ve done a cleanse of your following, add some more inspiration and motivation back into your social media feeds by following these ecofriendly, environmentally conscious pages. I have learned so much from them and I hope their impact on me can be the same for you!


1. @milkwood_permaculture

2. @ecolifechoices

3. @going.zero.waste

4. @educatedearthling

5. @spaceandpause

6. @thegreenhub_

7. @madeleineolivia

8. @impactforgood

9. @the.eco.warrior

10. @sustainablysage

11. @bluezones


1. @World_Wildlife

2. @nature_org

3. @oceana

4. @Greenpeace

5. @RnfrstAlliance

6. @MotherNatureNet

7. @pewenvironment

8. @MeatlessMonday

9. @Defenders

10. @SustainBrands

11. @TreeHugger

Do you follow certain social media accounts for inspiration? Education? Motivation? Or do you just like to follow your favorite celebrities and the people you know? Fill me in on your favorite Instagram and Twitter accounts!

x, Tyrah


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