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Ever Since New York

Because one never forgets their first trip to New York City.

*Written and published for my Writing for New Media class.*

The first time I stepped out onto the New York City streets, I knew I would never look at life the same way again. My senses were overwhelmed with sights of people from all walks of life, smells of the city and the wafting of food from hundreds of different restaurants and cafes, as well as the feelings of the hot summer sun beaming onto my skin. Though my trip only lasted a mere three days, I have reflected on it nearly every day since then. Harry Styles has a song called "Ever Since New York" that I feel perfectly captures and titles this blog post. I will be sharing clips of what I managed to squeeze into three days in the Big Apple last summer and my top recommendations for where to eat, explore, and, of course, take memorable Instagram photos!

Killer Photo Ops

Of course, I have to recommend some classics (i.e. Central Park, The MET, Times Square), but the candid street style-esque photos are really where it's at. Catch a moment when crossing the street to snap a quick OOTD shot or lean up against one of Soho's beautiful buildings to show off your latest shopping finds. New York City subway photos are unlike any other - for those who are from small towns such as I am, this is a fun spot to snap a picture while waiting for your subway car to arrive. Below are some examples of the photos I took throughout my trip.

What I've Been Craving Since Last Summer

When I'm on vacation, I tend to try to eat at a different restaurant or cafe for each of my meals to really soak up the new places and experiences, but there was a brunch spot we discovered that we couldn't resist going back to. The beloved restaurant is Friedmans, one with many locations around the city, but our selected spot was their Herald Square address. What I loved so dearly about Friedmans was that the majority of their menu could be made to be gluten-free (and everything that was gluten-free was incredible!). The service was impeccable, the atmosphere was inviting, and everything we tried was beyond delicious. I cannot wait for my return to the city in order to go here once again. In the meantime, enjoy one of the brunches I had that featured the best gluten-free pancakes I've ever tasted.

My City Explorations

Though most of my experiences in the city were pretty stereotypical tourist stops, I have a recommendation that many may completely miss out on. If you've ever been to New York City, you have probably seen the big city tour buses or the people trying to convince you to buy a ticket to go on them. Don't let this moment pass you by - buy a ticket for a tour at night, where you can see the city's nightlife from a whole new view. I will never forget the spectacular sights I witnessed from the top of that bus as we drove along the Manhattan Bridge, looking at New York all lit up. As the tour was at night, my photos aren't the best, but I love reminiscing on the photo below that I was able to capture on the bridge.

Have you ever been on a trip that you feel completely changed your outlook on life? Last summer's trip to New York City was that special time for me. As I'm sheltering inside the safety of my home due to COVID-19, I often reflect on the precious moments that I've been lucky enough to experience in my short 18 years of life. I hope that as you skim through my blog, you're inspired to transport yourself back to your own travels and the ones you dream to adventure through someday (once we are all safe to do so, of course).

Until next time!


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