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My Favorite Face Mask Duo

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Self-care is incredibly important, especially now as we isolate inside for the safety of ourselves and others. Every day I carve out time to move my body in some way, whether it be following along to a Blogilates workout video, running up and down my stairs, or taking walks outside. Each week, however, I make sure to dedicate a day to take care of myself a bit more. I put some extra time into my skincare routines by using my facial roller, trimming and cleaning up my eyebrows, and yes, using a face mask. I have found two masks that I already loved doing separately, but have also found to love doing consecutively. I thought I'd share these products with you, my system of using them, and their benefits!

First, I use my Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask (mentioned in this blog post) and let it dry for about 8-10 minutes. This way, the mask hasn't hardened too much, making it easier to remove (trust me, you don't want to experience aggressively scrubbing this mask off after it's been drying for 20 minutes). Afterward, my face feels purified and smooth. I have noticed an improvement in my skin's color and texture after just a few uses of this mask! Unfortunately, because my skin isn't used to the Midwest's winter weather after living in LA for the last six months, my face will gradually start to feel dry after the mask's removal. (Note: when I used this mask regularly in LA, my skin didn't react this way at all, so it's not the mask's fault!) To combat this, I then reach for my Ahava Hydration Cream Mask. This mask can be applied and left on for just a few minutes before washing off or you can leave it on overnight for ultimate hydration. I often just leave it on for however long I feel, doing other things while it sits on my face and does its job. After I rinse it off, my skin instantly feels soft and supple. Using this immediately after the Indian Healing Clay has worked wonders for my skin, giving me the best of both worlds.

I recommend using these two masks together if you want smoother, clearer, and hydrated skin. They revive you of all the things your skin may have been lacking, especially during these cold months! If you've ever gotten a facial before, you may notice that some spas will use more than one mask throughout your treatment. This is so you can reap all of the masks' benefits! Give yourself an at-home facial with this stellar face mask duo.

(Bonus tip: use the Ahava Hydration Cream Mask fresh out of the shower to lock in moisture. Leave it on while you put on body lotion and dry your hair. When you wash it off, you will reveal glowing skin! You're welcome.)

Do you have a specific face mask you always reach for? What's your favorite? Be sure to let me know, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

x, Tyrah

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