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Shop Your Way to Sustainability

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Sustainability. In regards to fashion, it is defined as a movement and process of promoting and encouraging change to fashion products and the fashion industry "towards greater ecological integrity and social justice." Now, this is a trend I can get behind. You hear it everywhere. Copenhagen's Fashion Week has worked its way to becoming the most sustainable Fashion Week in the world. (Read more about that here.) But how do you implement sustainability in your fashion choices? Many brands adopting sustainable and ethical practices tend to be pricier or harder to get your hands on. Don't give up! There are still many ways to practice sustainable fashion efforts and to adopt new forms of thinking and making choices when shopping.

1. Shop smarter.

Think carefully about each piece you're drawn to when shopping. Why are you interested in this particular item? Is it something your wardrobe is lacking? Do you see yourself wearing it for years to come? How's the quality? Be smarter about your purchase choices. Ideally, try buying less, focusing on what you need and what could truly better your closet instead of just unnecessarily being added to it.

2. Wait before making a bigger purchase.

Been eyeing a bag for a while? Can't stop thinking about a dress you saw in the window? Sit back and take some time to wait it out. If you're still insistent on buying it, then it's probably something that will be valuable to you and your wardrobe. If you forget about it, then it wasn't really that prevalent or important after all.

3. Donate unwanted clothes.

Please, if you learn anything from this article, do not throw away your perfectly good, yet unwanted, clothes. Just don't do it. Ask your friends if they'd want any of your pieces, try selling them online, donate them somewhere. There are so many alternative options.

4. Become familiar with thrifting.

You've donated a bag of unwanted clothing to your local thrift store. Great! I'm so proud of you. Now, take some time to wander through its aisles and try shopping for yourself. There is something so rewarding when you stumble along a great piece at a secondhand store.

5. Buy vintage pieces.

This partially ties into thrifting, but there are so many websites and incredible vintage shops that sell high quality - and oftentimes extremely rare - vintage pieces. Allow yourself to feel like you can still indulge by buying something "new" while you're making sustainable choices!

The final verdict? Limit your waste. Make smart decisions that will benefit the environment. Nobody's perfect, but if everyone makes the effort to be a little better, it can make all of the difference. Now go out there and save the world!

x, Tyrah


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