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Take Me to Costa Rica: Quarantine Edition

Living “Pura Vida” couldn’t come sooner.

*Written and published for my Writing For New Media Class.*

Reflecting back on my trip to Costa Rica during the summer of 2018 leaves my heart aching and wanting desperately to return. I dream of the next time I will be there, basking in the sun and exploring all that the beautiful country has to offer. Thinking about my first experiences there and the incredible places I visited has compelled me to share them all with you. Whether you prefer the beach, the countryside, or the city, you will surely find a pocket in Costa Rica to fall in love with.

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For Those Who Love the Beach…

Spend your days under the Costa Rican sun while soaking up its rays and everlasting beauty (but be sure to lather up on sunscreen). While we may not be able to actually be there right now, doesn’t the photo above make you feel at peace? I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin. Take a journey through the jungle and find yourself at one of the many breathtaking beaches in Coastal Puntarenas. Just be sure to keep an eye out for mischievous monkeys and raccoons - they love socializing with the beach-goers!

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For Those Who Love the Countryside…

Lose yourself in the artisan villages and endless fields of green in Costa Rica, discovering beautifully made art and taste-testing rich, whole foods. Handcrafted clothing, jewelry, and decor can be found at every stop, all uniquely made with love and hard work. When I was in Costa Rica in 2018, I tried to shop at the local businesses versus the popular tourist shops - the gifts I bought from the artists are so dear to me, compared to a plastic keychain that says “Pura Vida” on it.

Boredom is nearly impossible when you explore the countryside of Costa Rica, for there are countless things to do. Craving a taste for adventure? Take up a ziplining or hanging bridges tour, feeling like a bird as you soar through the air with the forest's trees far below you. Wanting to indulge further into the culture? Wander through a small village filled with history or visit one of their many incredible coffee farms (they let you sample their fresh roasts!). You won’t have to worry about too much free time when you’re filling your days with endless adventures.

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For Those Who Love the City Life…

Sometimes you just need to take in all of the hustle and bustle of an unfamiliar city and culture. Explore everything Costa Rica has to offer in its bigger cities, such as the capital, San José. Transport yourself into somewhat similar surroundings of big buildings and familiar chain restaurants while simultaneously noticing all of the country's vast differences. San José’s streets are filled with historic treasures, such as their beautiful museums (check out this website to discover the top ten museums to visit in Costa Rica’s capital).

For those drawn to the shopping scene, Costa Rica has got you covered. Indulge in everything the country has to offer, and in the meantime, you may as well start building your wish list. Traveltriangle.com has an article that explores the top ten places to shop in Costa Rica - read all about it here.

Vicariously Live Through My Costa Rican Journey

I was able to locate the site that created my Costa Rica trip itinerary, mapping out each and every thing we did throughout our ten-day stay. If you’re starting to plan your own post-quarantine vacay - or you just want to look up more pictures to dream yourself into - check out the outline of my explorations here! (And if you really want to make sure you hit all of the best stops, check out this article from Plantware.com.) Though we must still take health and safety precautions, allow yourself to indulge in your hobbies and wishes - even if it is just through your computer screen. ¡Pura Vida!


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