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The Spot Corrector That Will Save You From Maskne

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Let me introduce the two of you. Say hello to Acaderma's Star Light Spot Corrector. While their sole purpose isn't to eliminate acne, their work in reducing unwanted pigmentation and acne scarring helps reduce the appearance of rough, uneven skin (hence, why this product is perfect when you're frustratingly dealing with maskne). I was given the lucky opportunity to work with Acaderma in partnership with Palm Network, a micro-influencer collaboration I am apart of. Getting the chance to try new products to ultimately give my honest (and eager) opinion on them is the best part!

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Trying new skincare can be like navigating through choppy waters - you never know how your skin will react to it, let alone if it will work. Acaderma's Star Light Spot Corrector is made with award-winning technology called MELAMORIN™ that is extracted from Morus Root, which is filled with antioxidants that help target dark spots from scarring and get your skin working to reproduce healthy skin cells. I have already noticed my skin appearing smoother and some of my acne scars fading away.

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If your skin has been breaking out from regularly wearing masks (which you should be doing!), Acaderma's Star Light Spot Corrector will help aid in calming your skin and preventing it from leaving long-lasting to permanent damage. If you have any other questions regarding this product or the brand as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms or directly contact Acaderma! Their website is super transparent, which may answer any question you have that would arise. I am so grateful that I was able to try out this wonderful product (and ultimately integrate it into my regular skincare routine). If you decide to give it a try for yourself, let me know your thoughts! I love discussing all things beauty and skincare (and fashion and coffee and music... but you already knew that!). Get ready to say goodbye to your maskne!

x, Tyrah

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