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Tumblr: My Ultimate Mood Board

- image found on Tumblr -

I have grown up creating mood boards to portray the specific aesthetic or mood I was in all throughout my life. (I think this is why I have always loved magazines.) Over time, my collage making and mood board curating skills have, in my opinion, strengthened and blossomed. Heck, I got a year of college tuition paid for partially because of a mood board I made! Not only are they beautiful and satisfying to pick out and piece together but they can also help to depict what stage of life you are in, represent a brand you are working for, or simply become a fun hobby.

While I love cutting out pieces of magazines and crafting tangible mood boards, social media platforms have also become an outlet to express your creativity and style through various photos online. I have found that my blog on Tumblr has turned into a constant display of whatever I am loving, through images of fashion, architecture, nature, interior design, quotes, celebrities, and more. My Tumblr is titled "Native City Girl" because that was the original name of my official blog before I decided to use my name to brand it!

Many people ask where I find my inspirational, aesthetically pleasing photos and I am now letting out my "secret" (do not worry, I am aware that many, if not all, are familiar with Tumblr in some way). Keep scrolling to see the images that have been drawing me in lately. If you want to see more, head over to nativecitygirl.tumblr.com and dive into the aesthetically-driven mind of Tyrah.

- none of these images are mine -

x, Tyrah

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