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What I've Been Doing While Staying Inside

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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It's best to take every precaution to ensure not only your own but everyone's safety right now. Nobody likes to stay holed up inside for days on end, however, this is the smartest choice for the situation we are currently in. I have been living in LA for the past few months, so upon coming home, I've realized it's in my best interest to stay inside and keep everyone in my tiny town safe. I haven't shown signs or symptoms of any sort of sickness, but previously living in a dubbed "level one" area of the coronavirus puts me more at risk than others that live in my hometown. Coming home, I didn't want to stop living my life, so I've been coming up with ways to entertain myself, better myself, and keep myself healthy. Here's a list of what I've been up to!

1. Getting more sleep

2. Writing in my journal

3. Cleaning out my closet

4. Watching the latest season of Bravo's Project Runway with my parents

5. Reading Little Women

6. Taking my vitamins

7. Drinking more water (and adding Emergen-C to it!)

8. Playing games on my phone (Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Design Home, Solitaire...)

9. Partaking in Cassey Ho's (AKA Blogilates) 14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan (download it here!)

10. Soaking up this time with my family

Don't turn a blind eye to this. Be smart, take necessary precautions, and continue to spread love and light to those around you. I wish you all good health and the ability to navigate through this in the best way possible.

x, Tyrah

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