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Why We Shouldn't Let Trends Define Us

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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When referring to somebody's style, it seems that the worst insult to give them these days is calling their clothing "basic." I have struggled with the idea of dressing or acting basic for a while, as I have found myself wearing these so-called "basic" things every so often. What makes things basic? Is it the fact that they are broadly liked by many people? Why should we care if something is considered trendy or not? I wanted to write about this thought of mine to open up the discussion to you, the readers, and hear your feedback (so I hope you leave some!).

Are you afraid of coming off as someone who follows the latest trends and wears similar things to everyone else? Do you simply wear what you like, which just so happens to be what the majority of others like at the moment as well? Trends become what they are for a reason - they're a widely accepted style of the moment. It's okay to like what is popular, it's completely normal. As long as you are being authentic and true to yourself and your taste, who's to say it's wrong? Trendsetters are known to be hip, fresh, and ahead of the game. But once the trend is implemented, what happens? Why do some people believe that hopping on the supposed "bandwagon" is such a bad thing? Trends can be super cool and relevant to one's style and they're always changing with each passing season. Plus, who knows? Today's trend may become tomorrow's classic.

I think we should let go of the negative connotation around the term "basic," when it pertains to insulting someone by the way they express themselves. Fashion is all about wearing what you're drawn to and expressing yourself in a way that you feel confident and beautiful. Let's uplift each other, accepting one another for who we are and what we enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my view about the idea of how trends are perceived and affect our styles. I hope you enjoyed this different style of blog post and that it inclined you to reflect and think about your views on the so-called "basic" style and latest trends!

x, Tyrah

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